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Youth Program Sample


Thank you for sampling this youth program.

 The youth in your community or school will love that you gave them the opportunity to be part of this program that empowers them to feel a sense of love and belonging!

Meet with us to see if we can customize this program to fit your school or community needs.

Annual Packages Include

$250 Host Price ($500 Value)

*With Youth Participant Fee

  • Curriculum Licence & Training

  • Food

  • Activity supplies

  • T-shirts for Participants

  • T-Shirts for Instructors

  • Instructor Manuals

  • Parent's Guide

  • Participant Notebook

  • Instructor Badges

  • Service Project Materials

  • Marketing Services

  • Youth Program Sign-Up Services

  • Customer Service

What's Included in This Program?

Youth from all walks of life will love being a part of this fun, empowering program as they have in-person connections, find purpose through interests and talents, and build resilience for life. 

  • Friends, Food, Fun!

  • Build Confidence

  • Increase Kindness & Empathy

  • Stronger Family Relationships

  • Gratitude Attitude

  • Develop Positive Habits for Greater Success

  • Time Management Skills

  • Discover Purpose

  • Mentally Strong

  • Resilient

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