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Student Internships

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Rising Up Together empowers youth from all walks of life to connect, find purpose, and build resilience for life!

Rising Up Together is offering student internships for universities and colleges across the United States. We offer all students the experience necessary to develop and use their skills, as they learn to become successful leaders in their profession and to their community.

We are looking for interns majoring in the following degrees:

  • Psychology, Social work, Counseling, Public Health

  • Social Media Marketing, Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Web Development & Programming. 

  • Business, Accounting, Financial Philanthropy, Fundraising, Recreation Management, non-profit degrees.

  • Business Writing, Grant Writing, English

  • Research, Data Analytics, Surveying

  • Human Resources

Rising Up Together is a very fulfilling internship as it has the potential to save and make lives better for youth everywhere, giving them a happier, safe, and much brighter future.


Apply to become a student intern today!

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