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This podcast is about our organization of Rising Up Together. Listen in to this interview to find out how we got started with Shelly!

Rising-Up-Together-Podcast01Rising Up Together Team
00:00 / 18:44


 This podcast discusses sensitive information about a youth suicide. "Please listen at your own discretion." Listen in to an interview with Melissa and how a youth suicide affected her family.  Sharing tools of how to talk to your family on these kinds of situations and how to help and cope with the youth.  

Rising-Up-Together-Podcast02Rising Up Together Team
00:00 / 13:41


 Listen in to this podcast as Austin relates his personal story about bullying and the effects He has had from being bullied.  Sharing tips and tools of how to overcome and cope with these kinds of issues. 

Rising-Up-Together-Podcast03Rising Up Together Team
00:00 / 16:05


 Listen in to this podcast as Austin, Solomon, and Ashlee have an open discussion about the importance of Interpersonal relationships.  Sharing tips and tools of how to strengthen relationships with yourself and others. 

Rising-Up-Together-Podcast04Rising Up Together Team
00:00 / 15:55

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