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Host the Rising Up Together Youth Program

Positive Life Skills That Build Resilience

Today's youth face many challenges


Let's empower them with tools and essential life skills so they can thrive and overcome the obstacles they will face. 


Together, we can create a resilient future!

Empowering Youth To Reach Their Potential

We are excited to announce the launch of our youth program in select schools and communities. 

Here are some examples of ways to bring this exceptional program to your community.

  • In-School    

  • After School

  • Youth Group 

  • Youth Club

  • Church Group 

  • Community Program

  • Summer Camp

  • Organization Supplement Program

  • One or Two-Day Event



Before building this program, we met with professors, psychologists, and professionals to ensure this curriculum would be relevant and relatable to the youth. We also researched numerous clinical studies to ensure that each life skill taught showed a positive correlation to increase resilience.

Get a FREE Sample of the Curriculum

Positive Life Skills

Rising Up Together's curriculum is built with youth in mind to empower youth with essential life skills needed to build: 

  • Unity &  Sense of Belonging

  • Confidence

  • Friendships & Meaningful Connection

  • Empathy and Kindness

  • Gratitude

  • Stress & Time Management

  • Growth Mindsets

  • Leadership

  • Purpose 

  • Resilience


Who Can Participate?

Youth ages 11-18 years old living within the United States. However, we are also taking requests to include ages 9-10 years old.

When is this program?

This 10-week program starts in September 2023 & January 2024 meeting once a week Mon.-Fri.

Program Includes

Special Discount Startup Price $250 ($500 Value)

1. License Subscription

Everything you need is in this license subscription to host a successful program! 

2. Program Supplies

Food, activity supplies, participant & instructor t-shirts, youth notebooks, instructor manuals, parent guides, instructor badges, service project materials, marketing materials, customer service to hosts & youth participants, and hassle free sign-up page.

3. Curriculum and Media File Access

Once your payment has been processed successfully, you will receive access to all the curriculum and media files. 


These resources will enhance the learning experience for participants and make hosting simple and fun!

4. Promoting Youth Participation

Youth involvement is vital to the success of this program. You can start this program with as few as 20 youth. With adequate mentors there is no maximum number of how many participants that can join.  


We encourage you to explore various avenues to reach potential participants and generate excitement within your community. Our PR & Marketing team will periodically share newsletters with ideas and tips.

5. Program Evaluation

Regular evaluations will be conducted to show you the impact and effectiveness of this program and to help us make necessary adjustments to continue to provide empowering programs in the future.

6. Support and Guidance

We are committed to supporting your efforts as you implement the Rising Up Together Youth Program. Our team will provide periodic resources for training, marketing tools, and more. 


If you require additional guidance or need help adapting the program to fit your needs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are eager to provide assistance to help you achieve your goals. 

Request to Host the Rising Up Together Youth Program

Thanks to grant makers, sponsors, and participants who all contribute to make this empowering program possible keeps this program affordable to our hosts.

Annual Host Price

$500 Set-Up Price

($250 Annually)


The FIRST 10 Individuals to REQUEST TO HOST the program will receive a $250 SPECIAL start-up price to pilot the program.


We will then share a link with the discount code to get you hosting this successful program!


For a limited time only 


This 10-week program meets once a week.

However, to make this program more accessible & affordable, we want to customize this program to fit your school's or community's needs.

Meet with us to give these awesome youth more in-person connection, purpose, and resilience!

*No Purchase Necessary!

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