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We are excited to work with you as we empower youth to connect, find purpose, and build resilience for life!


We need your talents, experience, knowledge, and personality to build these amazing youth! Our volunteer opportunities can be done in the comfort of your own home or among the youth. You can spend as little or as much time as you would like to serve! We hope you will feel joy and fulfillment as you look to empower these youth throughout the world!

Youth Director


Become a Youth Director  to provide activities, games, discussions, and much more!


2-3 hours per week *Positions are limited so sign up today!

Volunteer Opportunities 

Youth Advocate


Bring this program to your community!

Help us find meaningful ways to fund this empowering youth program!

Youth Opportunities 


Youth Ambassadors 

Apply to be a youth ambassador where you can share the Rising Up Together program with your peers, build friendships, and develop positive life skills. PLUS it looks great on a college resume!

Youth Marketing Team

Marketing Team.png

Become a marketing & social media intern!

Youth Leadership Team

Youth  Sponsor_edited.png

Be on the youth leadership team!

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