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Positive resources to promote wellness for everyone

What is the Directory of Hope?

Rising Up Together is partnering with thousands of organizations & businesses that offer great resources to promote emotional wellness so we can refer your services to everyone!


Consider it FREE Advertising for all the good you do!

Sign up if you are a provider of these or any other like-minded resources:

  • Purpose resources to develop talents, interests, skills, etc.

  • Mental Health Resources

  • Basic assistance with food, housing, etc.

  • Grief Recovery

  • Self-Esteem

  • Addiction Recovery (substances, pornography, etc.)

  • Religion/Mindfulness

  • Strengthening Family (family, marriage, & parenting resources)

  • Stress & Time Management Resources 

  • Health & Wellness (exercise, recreation, healthy eating, vitamins, etc.)

  • LGBTQ+

  • Suicide Prevention

It takes a lot of money to build this non-profit organization. Please consider making a contribution so we can continue to share your empowering resources with others!

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Thank You
For Making a Difference

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