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Building Resilience for Life

Have you ever noticed that our youth have never been more virtually connected yet so disconnected socially? 


There are many great advantages to living in a virtual world but this lack of in-person connection is significantly impacting the wellness of our youth. We need both the virtual & in-person connections.


The exciting news is, Rising Up Together has developed a program that empowers youth with a place to make friends through in-person connections, cultivate confidence, find purpose, and develop essential life skills that promote overall wellness.


​Check out our youth program to learn more!

Three Essential Skills to Empower Youth for Life

Connection is fundamental to our well-being & happiness!


That is why we created a one-of-a-kind program where youth come to connect and develop friendships through team-building games, variety shows, dances, and so much more!


Purpose comes as we discover our interests and talents, use them to serve and lift others, and develop positive habits to make our dreams become a reality!




Rising Up Together has developed a powerful program that inspires youth to develop positive life skills that can build resilience for life! 

Youth Program

Host Youth Program


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