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Rising Up Together is dedicated to creating positive resources to empower youth everywhere to connect, find purpose, and build resilience for life.

Our Story

There was once a 15-year-old girl, who unexpectedly found herself struggling with anxiety. But instead of keeping it all inside, she reached out to her parents and her community for help. Together, they discovered three powerful keys that really made a difference:

Connection. You know that feeling when you're with your friends or family and you just feel really good, like you belong. That's what connection is all about! It's having people around who understand and support you no matter what.

Purpose. Have you ever felt like you're just kind of drifting through life without knowing what you're really meant to do? Well, purpose gives you direction. It's finding something that you're passionate about and making it your mission to go after it and make a difference in the world!

And last but definitely not least, there's Resilience. Life throws all sorts of curveballs at us, right? Resilience is like having a superpower that helps you bounce back from tough times. It's about staying strong, even when things get rough.

So, armed with these three amazing tools, this 15 year old girl was able to overcome, finding herself in a position to thrive and lift those around her. With her mom's background in nonprofit management, she decided to make a difference by teaming up with tons of cool people from all over the country—experts, interns, volunteers, schools, communities, sponsors—to create a game-changing program just for youth! This program is all about helping you feel connected, finding your purpose, and becoming super resilient so you can tackle anything life throws your way. Cool, huh!

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Transparency & Accountability

Rising Up Together is a non-profit public benefit 501(c)(3) corporation and is operated exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue code. Rising Up Together is not organized and shall not be operated for the private gain of any person. The property of the corporation is irrevocably dedicated to its educational and charitable purposes and no part of the receipts, or net earnings of the corporation shall be used for any activities other than its mission. Rising Up Together will always retain control over the contributed funds and will provide the relative information regarding its activities on its website.


We practice and encourage transparency and accountability by providing full and accurate information about our purpose, mission, activities, finances, contribution forms, and governance. Documents may be downloaded at no cost upon request.

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